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Moonman is a procedurally-generated adventure game! It is set on a nocturnal planet orbited by many different moons. Every new game generates a unique alien world, containing Towns, Forests, Tombs, Islands, and strange landscapes. Your goal is to build a giant star-machine, using Moon Fragments that you find throughout the world. The fragments may have been hidden in caves or tombs, ingested by large creatures, or hoarded by reclusive Creatures.

Moonman blends the short, rogue-like gameplay of games like Spelunky and Binding of Isaac, with the mining and crafting gameplay of Terraria.

A Procedurally-Generated Adventure[edit | edit source]

Moonman is an adventure game with procedural elements. When you start a new game a unique world is generated, with populated Towns, dark Dungeons, exotic Forests, quiet Caves, submerged Tombs, and crumbling Castles.

The regions will contain NPCs, enemies, Items, Treasure, and most importantly, the moon fragments you use to build a star-machine. Moonman must quest into each of these main areas to find those fragments.

For example, the fire fragment is found in a Volcanic Region, the ghost fragment is found in the Wastelands, and the pale fragment is buried somewhere in a Forest.

Some Features include a strange green Moonman that smiles at .. well .. everything, a quest that will have you exploring alien landscapes, strange moons that influence the world, peculiar inhabitants to talk to, resources to collect, harvest, mine and trade, a fully destructible world, a plethora of Items to wield, wear, throw, fire, and Craft, a monstrous and odd creatures to hit with things, ancient puzzle-rooms to unlock; and, a few jumping spiders, including lots more...